Polyolefin Films

Special Film from NOWOFOL: MDO and HDPE Films

MDO films and monoaxially stretched HDPE films have high tensile and tear resistance when used as the  raw materials in the packaging and adhesive tapes industries.

MDO films and NOWOFOL's special HDPE films are highly customized films that are indispensable in the industry for heavy-duty solutions. The secret of our polypropylene films lies in the special manufacturing process that gives our MDO and HDPE films their extreme tensile strength and performance gives tear strength.

The many different MDO film solutions from NOWOFOL are constantly being developed. In addition to the basic mechanical properties, our monoaxially stretched films impress with printability and customer-specific colors.

The secret of the MDO film lies in the manufacturing process

The MDO film is an extruded film made of polypropylene (PP) and is produced by NOWOFOL from special formulations. The desired film is produced from the Polypropylene as the starting material for the MDO film. MDO films are characterized by extremely high tensile and tear strength and have a low elongation. The PP and HDPE films get their high tear resistance in the next, important production step: The  films of PP and HDPE runs through a large number of heated rollers. These rollers rotate at different speeds and this process results in the stretching of the film in the machine direction (MD).

NOWOFOL has an proprietary production technologies for the orientation of PP, HDPE  and other films. All stretching machines have been developed in-house and allow us to produce highly specific MDO and monoaxially stretched HDPE films. We have been producing monoaxially oriented PP films for industrial customers for around 50 years and can produce high-performance plastics with the exact desired and required film properties using our expertise and our production facilities.

MDO films customized to production requirements

NOWOFOL is the world market leader with its MDO films, because we adapt every film solution to meet our customer and industry process requirements.

In addition to classic film properties (stretching, area weight, width, thickness, length), each film solution is also designed for the exact customer needs in terms of color scheme and printability. This creates a wide variety of MDO films and HDPE films, which are used in many industries.

MDO films for packaging and food industry

The monoaxially stretched polypropylene films are the ideal solution for packaging. Our films are used for labels, ribbon insulations, stand bags, tear-strips, high-strength carrying handles and decorative ribbons. Our HDPE films possess excellent dead fold for packaging solutions. In the food industry, MDO is a perfect choice for retort and non-retort applications. Learn more about our packaging film solutions.

The perfect base material for strong adhesive tapes and release films

Manufacturers take advantage of the tensile strenght of the MOPP film for the production of high-strength adhesive tapes. NOWOFOL also offers a release film for covering adhesive surfaces for the production of double-sided adhesive tapes. More about NOWOFOL MOPP films.

Recycling and MDO films

Polypropylene MDO film is ideal for modern packaging. A mono-material packaging made from polypropylene film is one way to make packaging recyclable. It consists of only one raw material type and can be recycled in a variety of places. So please keep in mind when designing a sustainable package, that it starts by using just one raw materal for better recyclability. The material is suitable for direct food contact in the EU (PIM 10/2011EG) and in the USA (FDA). The raw material, polypropylene, is completely safe regarding effects on health and can be recycled easily. More information about MOPP Film for mono-material packaging.

Do you have any questions about our MDO films and the monoaxially stretched HDPE films? Please contact us and we will develop the perfect film solution for you!