NOWOBAND: MDO Film for Banding

The monoaxially stretched banding film NOWOBAND made of PP: Perfect for use in packaging machines.

The MDO film NOWOBAND enables the bundling of different products in modern packaging machines. Our banding film NOWOBAND is available in individual surface structures and film qualities. From high-strength MOPP films to soft, flexible versions, all customer requests can be realized.

Each banding film from NOWOFOL is optimally adapted to customer requirements. As a result, the MOPP film NOWOBAND enables safe, attractive bundling, which has been perfectly adapted to the respective product geometry and the requirements of the packaging machine.

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Outstanding properties of NOWOBAND

Perfect Bundling and Labeling in one

With the monoaxially stretched PP film NOWOBAND, NOWOFOL not only offers a perfect solution for secure banding packaging, but also a banding film that is characterized by excellent printability. As a result, banding from NOWOBAND can be provided with logos and product information and act as an information and advertising medium. Our banding film is available from opaque to highly transparent and available in many colors, which opens up additional possibilities in packaging design.

  • Applications

    Mono-oriented Banding Tape made from PP for Packaging maschines (solid and foamed)

  • Thickness

    80 to 210 µm (3-8 mil), depends on film type

  • Colours

    Natural, White and various colors on request

Please contact our exclusive partner ATS-Tanner for all questions regarding banding and banding equipment.

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