NOWOTAPE MDO Film for Adhesive Tapes

The monoaxially stretched polypropylene film NOWOTAPE is used to produce high-strength adhesive tapes that meet even extreme requirements.

NOWOTAPE from NOWOFOL is the ideal film for the production of high-strength adhesive tapes. As a result of the monoaxial stretching of the PP film, adhesive tapes produced from it have a high force absorption capacity and modulus of elasticity with simultaneously low elongation.

The MDO strapping tapes based on our NOWOTAPE retain their functionality over a wide temperature range, are abrasion-resistant, moisture-resistant and tear-resistant. As a result, the adhesive tapes made of our MDO film are not only suitable for typical adhesive applications, but can also be used under extreme loads.

Another advantage: Adhesive tapes made of the monoaxially stretched NOWOTAPE film from NOWOFOL can be printed on. For example, adhesive tapes for packaging and banding can be provided with a logo and important information, thus acting as an advertising medium at the same time.

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MDO film for adhesive tapes in extreme applications

High-strength adhesive tapes for industrial applications

High-strength adhesive tapes made from NOWOTAPE can be used for many demanding adhesive tasks in industry and in transportation:

  • Pallet securing
  • Bundling profiles and tubes
  • Reinforcement of cardboard boxes
  • Securing heavy goods
  • Taping of coils
  • Transport security in the electrical industry (including White Goods)
  • Furniture industry

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  • Applications

    MDO film for high-strenght tapes

  • Thickness

    45-125 µm (2-5 mil)

  • Colours

    Natural, white, ivory, yellow, orange, blue, black, customization

  • Widths

    For jumbo rolls - approx. 39 inch up to 80 inch or slit.

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