NOWOFLON Semiconductor

Film for Semiconductor Industry: NOWOFLON Semiconductor

With NOWOFLON Semiconductors, we offer fluoropolymer films for the semiconductor industry, which is ideal as a release film for the production of printed circuit boards.

As a release film for semiconductors, NOWOFLON Semiconductor can provide significant advantages in the production process. The demolding of components is particularly easy, and the sealing of the tool is also improved by the film for semiconductors, thereby avoiding burrs on the printed circuit board. An additional ejector during demolding is unnecessary with NOWOFLON semiconductor.

The film properties of NOWOFLON Semiconductor meet the requirements for a release film in semiconductor production:

  • High temperature resistance
  • Excellent release properties
  • High flexibility under process temperature for adaptation to tool geometry
  • Suitable for all common tool systems

Depending on the tool temperature and design, as well as machine parameters, different film types can be used:

  • NOWOFLON ET 6235 J

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  • Applications

    Films for semiconductor industry

  • Thickness

    50 and 100 µm (2 and 4 mil)

  • Colours

    Transparent clear

  • Widths

    10-1300 mm (0.4-51 inch)

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