NOWOFLON ET Anti-Graffity

NOWOFLON ET Anti-Graffiti Film: Fluoropolymer Protective Film

With the ETFE film NOWOFLON ET Anti-Graffiti we offer a special film for the protection of design and decorative surfaces. Excellent weatherability for outdoor application as well.

NOWOFOL deliberately calls this fluoropolymer film anti-graffiti film, because NOWOFLON ET offers extreme protection against soiling, chemicals and weathering. Thanks to the dirt-repellent surface, the fluoropolymer film from NOWOFOL is often used as an reliable anti-graffiti film in the traffic sector. Expensive road, traffic and information signs are effectively protected by the NOWOFOL anti-graffiti film.

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Optimal properties of the anti-graffiti film

Robust Surface Protection for Extreme Conditions

NOWOFLON ET Anti-Grafitti film provides film properties that are essential for outdoor applications:

  • Self-cleaning effect
  • High temperature resistance
  • Very good mechanical strength
  • High weather resistance
  • UV stable

This fluoropolymer film from NOWOFOL is ideal for use in flexible applications. - For questions and special requests our team will be happy to advise you.

  • Applications

    Fluoropolymer anti-graffiti film for surface protection of road, traffic, information and advertising signs.

  • Thickness

    25-50 µm (1-2 mil)

  • Colours

    Transparent clear

  • Widths

    1.550 mm (61 inch) Special solutions are available upon request.

  • Yield

    44 g/m² for 25 µm film (0,00901191 lb/ft2 for 1 mil film)

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