NOWOCAST: Un-stretched Films made of Polyolefins and other Thermoplastics

The cast film NOWOCAST posseses the outstanding properties that include balanced tensile strength in all directions, high toughness and tear resistance.

For technical applications, NOWOFOL offers with NOWOCAST undrawn cast films made of the polyolefins PP, PE (HDPE, LDPE etc.) as well as other thermoplastics, such as polypropylene. COC, PET, PA, PLA and special compounds. The fields of application of NOWOFOL's unstretched cast films are broad:

  • As a sealing gasket in the electrical industry
  • In the automotive industry
  • As thermoforming film in medical technology
  • As a cliché adhesive tape in the printing industry
  • As in-mold label

The toughness of cast films from the NOWOCAST line is the perfect choice for our customers when used in demanding applications.

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We customized your film

We provide customized solutions with our NOWOCAST films

NOWOFOL attaches great importance to customization of our film solutions. Also at NOWOCAST, the films can be provided with additives according to the requirements of the final application. Thus, for example, additives for UV stabilization or for improving the surface adhesion can be added. Also, a modification of the cast film by the use of different fillers is possible.

  • Applications

    Cast Film for technical Application

  • Thickness

    100-650 µm for PP type (4-25,6 mil)
    100-600 µm for PE type (4-24 mil)
    Special solutions are available upon request.

  • Colours

    Natural, white, black, respectively customized

  • Widths

    As jumbo reel up to 1.280 mm (50 inch). Special solutions are available upon request.

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