NOWOLINER: MDO Film for Silicone coating

Reliable coverage of adhesive surfaces with the NOWOLINER release film from NOWOFOL

In production processes, joining and gluing tasks are often fulfilled today with double-sided adhesive tapes. With NOWOLINER MDO release film, these adhesive surfaces are reliably covered.

Thanks to the high rigidity and mechanical strength of monoaxially stretched PP films, NOWOLINER films can be processed well by hand and by machine. Depending on the production processes at our customers, the release film can be used as a film strip or as a punched out blank.

Whenever it comes to protecting adhesive surfaces, NOWOLINER is on the agenda:

  • covering of self-adhesive closures on envelopes, bags and cartons,
  • covering of self-adhesive cable ducts,
  • component assembly of automotive and smartphone manufacturers

MDO film NOWOLINER is the ideal release film for the protection of adhesive surfaces.

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Release film for Silicone Coating

Designed for working with all popular silicone curing systems

For the siliconization of the NOWOLINER release film of monoaxially stretched PP, the established solvent-free or solvent-based, platinum-catalyzed systems are suitable, as well as UV-activated systems with free-radical or cationic polymerization which are easy to process. The NOWOLINER release film is always adapted to the required customer process in order to achieve optimum results.

  • Applications

    MOPP release film for covering double-sided adhesive tapes

  • Thickness

    45-180 µm (2-7 mil)

  • Colours

    Natural, white, blue, red

  • Widths

    As master reel from approx. 1.000 mm to max. 1.680 mm (39-66 inch) available.
    Please contact us if you would like a special solution!

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