NOWOCABLE: MDO Film for the Electrical- and Cable-Industry

Safe and fast: insolate, separate, bundle and cushion with the NOWOCABLE MDO- and PP-Films from NOWOFOL

NOWOCABLE is the perfect film solution for the electrical and cable industry from NOWOFOL. The polypropylene films from the NOWOCABLE line are monoaxially stretched (solid or foamed), as well as unstretched, soft foamed, and thus cover four important tasks in the electrical industry: insulation, separation, bundling and cushioning.

Wide range of properties for the production of cables

  • high tensile strenght
  • low area weight
  • zero moisture Absorption
  • highlty reflexable
  • resistance to all cable materials
  • solid padding effect with foamed versions
  • excellent processing features

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MOPP and PP films adapted to the task

Three film types of NOWOCABLE

  • NOWOCABLE PPE: Is a solid MOPP film for insulating, separating and bundling cables.
  • NOWOCABLE PPF: Is a foamed MOPP film with closed cell structure for insulating, separating and bundling cables.
  • NOWOCABLE Soft: Is a foamed, undrawn polypropylene film (PP film) with a closed cell structure. Low density and high softness make NOWOCABLE Soft a cost-effective replacement for flexible PVC films.
  • Applications

    MOPP film or foamed PP film for insulating, separating, bundling and padding cables

  • Thickness

    PPE 25-100 µm (1-4 mil)
    PPF 80-300 µm (3-12 mil)
    Soft 200-500 µm (8-20 mil)

  • Colours

    Available in: natural, white and black, as well as other color options on request.

  • Widths

    As a master reel or cut 10 to 500 mm (0.3-20 inch). For special widths you are welcome to start a request at NOWOFOL.

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