NOWOCARRY: MDO Film for Carry Handles

The MDO film NOWOCARRY for self-adhesive carry handles that allow for comfortable carrying and high tear resistance.

With the MDO film NOWOCARRY, NOWOFOL has developed this stretched polypropylene film to meet the requirements of the packaging industry (for example, packs of PET bottles):

Using NOWOCARRY MDO Film allows for more comfort in carrying large and heavy packages (e.g. multiple packaging). The transparent MDO film from NOWOFOL is used worldwide for the production of carry handles because of its durabilty and tear resistance.

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Ideal properties for the production of low-stretch carry handles.

The stability is complemented by the high transparency of the MDO film.

NOWOCARRY offers benefits like

  • extremely high load capacity,
  • low elongation and
  • high transparency.

The carry handle is made of transparent, high tear-resistant film, which is coated on one side with adhesive. To neutralize the adhesive in the grip area, a paper insert is used, which is also used as an advertising medium and sales information (for example, bar code). If you want to increase the comfort of the carrying handle made of NOWOCARRY, you can use the monoaxially stretched foam film NOWOLABEL C (instead of paper inserts). With a film insert in the carrying handle, the print is protected against moisture. For a transparent handle with no branded label, we recommend NOWOTAPE 80 μm natural.

  • Applications

    MDO Film for the production of low-stretch, comfortable carry handles (e.g. for bulk packaging).

  • Thickness

    50 µm (2 mil)

  • Colours

    We offer this film in transparent clear only.

  • Widths

    The master reel from 600 mm to maximum 1750 mm (24 inch up to 69 inch). Special width are available on request.

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