NOWOTEAR: MDO Film for Tear Tapes

With NOWOTEAR NOWOFOL offers a MDO film for the production of tear strips for packaging.

As a MDO film, NOWOTEAR is the ideal material for the production of tear strips for various packaging. Tear strips in many variants are nowadays indispensable for modern packaging solutions, by enabeling the easy opening of tightly packaged goods.

NOWOTEAR MDO film has established itself as a successful base material for the production of tear strips due to its excellent tensile strength and optimum tear properties on the market.

Our film NOWOTEAR for the production of tear strips can also be printed in high quality, whereby the packaging also fulfills advertising purposes.

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What are the advantages of MDO film vs. BOPP film?

Lower elongation for less material usage and faster application

The MDO film has several advantages over BOPP films in the production of tear strips: The significantly lower elongation allows the application of a strip of MDO to the outer packaging at a significantly higher speed. The higher tensile strength allows narrower, or thinner tear strips and thus significantly larger coil lengths, meaning longer running times or shorter set-up times can be achieved in production.

For envelopes made of corrugated cardboard and small packages, MOPP film also enables the integration of a cover strip for self-adhesive reclosure in addition to the tear-open aid.

We also produce this film from the raw material HDPE. NOWOTEAR HD is ideal for the production of tear strips for extreme loads.

  • Applications

    MOPP film for the production of tear strips for film and cardboard packaging.

  • Thickness

    26 to 125 µm (1-5 mil)
    Please contact us. We are happy to help you choose the perfect film solution for your application.

  • Colours

    Natural, white, red

  • Widths

    For jumbo rolls from app. 1.000 mm to 1.270 mm (39 inch up to 50 inch)

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