NOWODECOR: Foamed MDO Film for decorative ribbons

Foamed NOWODECOR film is used for the manufacturing of decorative ribbons, bows and rosettes.

With NOWODECOR, NOWOFOL, together with producers from the ribbon industry, brings color and beauty into the lives of many people. If gifts are to be nicely packaged, ribbons, bows and rosettes are a must. Manufacturers around the world use the foamed MDO film NOWODECOR from NOWOFOL for the production of these decorative bands.

NOWODECOR can be ordered as a mono or coex film. The coex films are provided with a compact layer, which gives a matt (C) or glossy (HG1) surface. That is why NOWODECOR coex version is especially suitable for printing, direct metallizing or flocking. Thanks to our production process the structure of the mono-films have a smooth surface too. Despite the low area weight due to the foaming, mono- and coex films are extremely tear-resistant due to the monoaxial stretching, which is of great importance for decorative ribbons.

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Customized Film Solution

NOWODECOR in almost every color

Especially in the ribbon industry exact color tones are an essential quality criterion. The NOWOFOL team meets your color requests by using our laboratory system with color adjustments. This allows our customers from the ribbon industry to meet all color trends of the season and place successful products on the market in the shortest period of time.

  • Applications

    Foamed MDO film for ribbons, bows and rosettes

  • Thickness

    Mono film: 90-125 µm (3.5-5 mil)
    Coex film: 110-125 µm (4-5 mil)
    Special solutions are available upon request.

  • Colours

    More than 36 colors available. Please ask for your customized color.

  • Widths

    up to 1.530 mm (60 inch)

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