NOWOSTRAIGHT: MDO Film for flexible Packaging

The MDO film for modern packaging solutions, such as flexible stand-up pouches, retort and non-retort pouches in the food industry. Better recycling through single-material packaging = packaging of the future!

NOWOSTRAIGHT is our MDO film for flexible packaging, which is ideal for the food industry. Above all, stand-up pouches and retort pouches for longer durability are made from the monoaxially stretched flat film NOWOSTRAIGHT. The linear and parallel tear behavior, which is also transferred to laminates with other films or papers, and ensures an easy opening of the packaging for the customer.

In addition, a weakening of the barrier properties, as is the case with laser perforation or laser scribing, is avoided by the linear rupture and the use of our NOWOSTRAIGHT.

For NOWOFOL the individual adaptation of our films to customer needs always counts. This also applies to NOWOSTRAIGHT films. We are happy to adapt our product to the needs of your application, whether by special additives, receptive changes to the variation of the sealing temperatures or the equipment with a corona treatment.

With NOWOSTRAIGHT, modern packaging solutions are created that ideally harmonize high levels of comfort for end users with efficient handling for producers and the food industry.

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Film properties of NOWOSTRAIGHT at a glance

Robust, durable and easy to handle

The outstanding properties of NOWOSTRAIGHT MOPP film for flexible packaging are positive for manufacturers and consumers:

  • Optimal linear and parallel tearing of the packaging
  • Excellent sealability
  • High temperature resistance (for sterilization process up to 130 ° C for food)
  • Low water vapor permeability
  • improved recycling through use as single-material packaging
  • Applications

    MOPP film for flexible packaging, such as pouches, stand-up pouches and retort pouches. Can also be used as a technical film.

  • Thickness

    50 to 100 µm (2-4 mil). Special level of thickness is available upon request.

  • Colours

    Natural, other colors are available upon request.

  • Widths

    Jumbo roll up to 1.500 mm (59 inch) or slit.
    Special widths are available upon request.

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