Sustainability equals our responsibility

NOWOFOL is a world-market leader with Bavarian roots and sustainability is at the core of everything we do. By that we mean responsible behavior in harmony with the environment and society. Our goal is to achieve a balance between the convergence of economic goals and environmental and social demands in all business processes. The conservation of natural resources for future generations is an important element of our value system.

Our customers also expect constant developments in the area of sustainability and environmental friendliness. That is why NOWOFOL focuses not only on the conscious use of raw materials and energy, but also on the development of sustainable films.
We are focused on the development of films made from renewable raw materials as well as improved recyclability of packaging. The production of unmixed packaging solutions is also an important contribution to the sustainable recycling process of packaging films and is strongly promoted at NOWOFOL.

Inhouse Recycling since 1974

Prevention, reduction and recycling of waste

The careful use of raw materials is an important topic at NOWOFOL. We are committed to eliminating waste in all our processes through our continious improvment efforts. Production waste and rejects are treated in our recycling plant and returned to the production process in the form of granules.

"Our goal is to achieve balance in all our business processes by reconciling our economic objectives with ecological and social requirements."
Micha Häusler, Export and Logistics Manager

Sustainability in logistics

We have also recognized a strong potential for carrying our sustainability practicies into the packaging of our films. For many years we have worked with our customers to return wooden packaging for reuse and cost savings. NOWOFOL is currently converting more and more deliveries to reusable, specially developed steel pallets. This allows us to save packaging material and guarantee reliable delivery of our films.