NOWOFLON ET Architecture

NOWOFLON ET Architecture: ETFE Film for Roofing and Facades

The high-performance fluoropolymer film, as a roof or facade membrane, enables extraordinary shapes in architectural design.

With this ETFE film for architecture and construction NOWOFOL has developed a special film for the realization of extraordinary shapes for roofs and facades. Whenever glass is too rigid and inflexible, architects rely on our ETFE film for roof and façade membranes.

Unique technical and physical properties characterize the ETFE film for the architecture. With NOWOFLON ET longevity and resilience meet fascinating aesthetics through dynamic shapes.

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Properties of ETFE Film for Roofing and Facade

Creative design and high resilience make NOWOFLON ET architecture your first choice

The film for architecture by NOWOFOL is diverse in color and at the same time extremely robust and durable, which is equally important for exceptional façade and roof constructions:

  • Very good mechanical strength of the ETFE film, especially with regard to tear and tear propagation resistance
  • High weather resistance
  • Self-cleaning effect due to anti-adhesive surface
  • High light transmission in visible light and UV range
  • Coloring the film for architecture in different tones allows the desired design effects.
  • Printing in different designs
  • Flame retardant and self-extinguishing
  • 100 % recyclable
  • Applications

    ETFE Film for Architecture as Roofing and Facade Membranes

  • Thickness

    80-500 µm (3-19.7 mil)

  • Colours

    Available in: nature, white and colors.
    Talk to us about your favorite color!

  • Widths

    1.550 mm (61 inch) and further on request

  • Yield

    350 g/m² for 200 µm film

  • Light transmission transparent film
    Light transmission transparent film

    Total light transmittance: 90-95
    UV light transmittance: ~70-80 %
    Reflection: <10 %

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