Quality & Logistics

Your strong partner with premium products and customized logistic solutions

NOWOFOL serves international companies, for which consistent high quality and reliable logistics are essential. Our films are used in production processes and packaging solutions. This enables our customers to have a more efficient work flow as well as enhance the quality of their end product. Our focus on quality and delivery reliability has been the foundation of our success since its founding in 1971.

MDO Film Experts

With around 50 years of experience in polyolefin film orientation, NOWOFOL is your expert partner for special film solutions. The high quality of our stretched films is ensured by the extensive  experience of our team, from our research and development department throught our world class test lab and into production. NOWOFOL knows how longitudinal stretching affects the properties of films and uses this knowledge to produce highly specialized polyolefin films.

NOWOFOLs quality assurance systems

"Performance at its best." Our intense focus on quality is evident in our clearly defined processes. NOWOFOL's ISO 9001 certification shows our corporate commitment to quality. This quality certification demonstrates our ability to meet our customers demanding standards in terms of consistant product quality.


Logistic: Best service for NOWOFOL customers

Performance at its best. When we talk about custom solutions, we focus on the entire process. This extends from the physical properties of the film to the way we pack and ship your premium product.
The customized logistics at NOWOFOL starts in the very beginning of a project to ensure that our supply of product is delivered on time. Thanks to our extensive experience in project planning, in the control of our production processes and in the logistics of our products, our brand stands for a high level of delivery reliability. Put us to the test!

Customized from start to finish

NOWOFOL special films are delivered to customers all over the world. As different as the destination countries of our product deliveries, so are the wishes and requirements of our customers regarding the packaging of special films from NOWOFOL. We package MOPP, HDPE and fluoropolymer films according to your requirements in the production process.