Special Films

Special films from NOWOFOL: Products engineered for demanding applications

NOWOFOL offers special films that can be used to cover highly specific requirements and tasks. From the hot melt adhesive films to cast films for surface technologies.

For the specialty films of NOWOFOL, materials and manufacturing processes are selected to meet the requirements of our customers.The individual development and adaptation of films to the production processes of our customers are essential quality features of NOWOFOL products.

Speciality film manufacturer, highest customer service

NOWOFOL is considered the world class leader in the supply of specialty films, not only because of their wide range of products but also for their expert advice at all. Every film that leaves our facility is customized to the requirements of our customers. From film properties and color to customer-specific packaging of the film, NOWOFOL delivers every product in a tailor-made manner.

Hot melt adhesive film for flexible tubes

Another special film from NOWOFOL is the hotmelt adhesive film NOWOMELT made of unstretched polypropylene. With this special hotmelt adhesive we offer an ideal solution for the automotive and heating industry: With the specific film NOWOMELT PP-HD C 34, flexible tubes can be reliably provided with a double-sided film coating. Here you can find more information about the special solution NOWOMELT.

If you have any questions about NOWOFOL special films and their applications, our team will be pleased to assist you. Do you have specific production requirements and do you require special films? - Contact NOWOFOL!