NOWOFLON FEP: Chemical resistant high-performance film

Fully fluorinated, chemical resistant high performance films from NOWOFOL are the right choice for high temperature applications.

The NOWOFLON FEP film is a fully fluorinated high-performance film, which meets the highest standards with regard to its chemical resistance.

These high performance films are the ideal film solution for high temperature applications. As a welding film for PTFE and PTFE-metal composites or as a safe lining film in the chemical industry. - With the special films from the NOWOFLON FEP line, our industrial customers rely on this resilient speciality film.

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Properties of this fully fluorinated FEP Film

Safe, resilient and reliable: NOWOFLON FEP

A high-performance film for use at high temperatures, as well as in the chemical industry must possess these extraordinary properties:

  • High chemical resistance
  • High thermal resistance
  • Good resistance to cold flow
  • Very good dielectric properties
  • Very good cryogenic properties
  • Excellent flame retardancy
  • Applications

    High-performance film can be used as a welding film for PTFE and PTFE-metal composites, as well as a lining film in the chemical industry. Ideal for use in high temperature applications.

  • Thickness

    25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, 1.000 μm (1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 20 and 40 mil)

  • Widths

    Maximum width:
    up to 720 mm (28.3 inch)
    Slitting width:
    Film thickness 2 - 20 mil: ≥1 inch

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