Research & Production

Individual solutions for every customer are the basis of our product development

Research and production work hand in hand at NOWOFOL, which guarantees individual customer solutions with high practical benefits. Our specialists work closely with you and do our utmost to develop the ideal film according to your wishes, because innovative products require open cooperation.Our company size, organizational structure and the commitment of our employees allow us to respond to customer requests quickly and effectively. Competent, independent teams provide the necessary flexibility in product development and production at NOWOFOL.


The optimal 'chemistry' of raw material composition and process engineering expertise are guarantees for specific film solutions, and thus form the cornerstone of development.


New applications and specific customer requirements are explored through experiments on laboratory equipment. The research and development staff develop the optimal solution, from the selection of raw materials to the processing of the film at the customer's site.

Quality is King!

Our world class quality systems at NOWOFOL guarantee consistent solutions for new products as well as consistently premium quality of every film from our company.


NOWOFOL relies on qualified and experienced employees in the production process. They use their ingenuity and problem solving skills to create unique solutions. Modern, proprietary equipment technology is the second pillar of NOWOFOL's high production standards.


Our films are delivered worldwide from Germany. Our experienced logistics department ensures on-time delivery you can count on. Even the packaging is customized to meet the needs of our customers.