NOWOFLON ET Release Film

NOWOFLON ET: ETFE Release Film for high-temperature applications

NOWOFLON ET is the optimal fluoropolymer (ETFE) release film for GRP and CFRP component production.

With the ETFE release film NOWOFLON ET, NOWOFOL has created an extremely temperature-resistant, robust release film for use in industrial environments.

Excellent release properties, high elongation at break and excellent stability at high processing temperatures make the fluoropolymer film NOWOFLON ET a reliable release film in the production of glass fiber reinforced (GRP) and carbon fiber reinforced (CFRP) components in the automotive and aerospace industries. The ETFE release film NOWOFLON ET is also used in semiconductor production.

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Perfect Film Properties

Robust and reliable: NOWOFLON ET

The ETFE release film NOWOFLON ET provides film properties that are essential for the specific application areas:

  • High tear and tear propagation resistance
  • Excellent peel performance
  • Excellent surface adhesion
  • Suitable for all common resin systems
  • Continuous operating temperature 150 ° C / Shorttime (6-8 hours) up to 230 ° C
  • Certified according to DAN5089B0
  • Applications

    ETFE release film for GRP and CFRP component production, as well as a release film for semiconductor production.

  • Thickness

    12, 15, 20, 25, and 100 µm (0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1 and 4 mil)

  • Colours

    Blue (12-25 µm / 0.4-1 mil),
    red (15-20 µm / 0.6-0.8 mil),
    white (100 µm / 4 mil)

  • Widths

    1.300, 1.500 and 1550 mm (51, 59 and 61 inch)

  • Design/Perforation

    Type 1: without perforation / smooth
    Type 2: Hole perforation: 5 mm (0.2 inch) distance, hole Ø approx. 0.7 mm (0.01 inch), Index HN400

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