Foamed MDO Films for Decoration Tapes


Polypropylene foamed and monoaxially-oriented films (MOPP) are an attractive addition to the decoration industry. Whether it’s for gift packing with bows and rosettes or for decorating, our PP-films really introduce extra colour and cheerfulness into your lives.

Alternatively, mono or coextruded films can also be produced. Coextruded films come equipped with a compact skin layer which provides a matt (C) or gloss (HG1) surface finish. They are therefore, particularly suitable for printing, applying direct metallising or for flocking. Due to their closed cellular foam-based structure, the monolayer films also have a relatively smooth surface.

The foam structure provides a very low weight per unit area for various types of features, and yet, the film has strong resistance to tearing as a result of its monoaxial orientation.

We can fulfil the constantly-changing colour requests of our customers with our colour adjustment scheme, in the shortest possible period of time.



Decorative ribbons, bows, rosettes

Thickness range:
Mono: 90 – 125 μm
Coex: 110 – 125 μm

more than 36 standard colours

Max. 1,530 mm

Special solutions are available upon request.