NOWOFLON Semiconductor
Fluoropolymer films for semiconductor industry

NOWOFLON Semiconductor film
Release film

NOWOFLON Semiconductor release films has perfect characteristics to be used for FAM (film assisted molding).


Film Features:

  • High heat resistance
  • Can release the product from mold-die easily due to non-stick properties
  • Can prevent burr/flash on lead frame or cavity-die
  • Can follow the uneven surface of the cavity due to its good flexibility at molding temperature
  • Can prevent package from breaking
  • No need of ejector pin
  • Suitable for all common molding machines

Depending on molding temperature, cavity design and machine parameters different kind of film types can be used.



Standard thicknesses:
50 and 100 ┬Ám

Standard colours:
natural clear

Standard width:
10 to 1300 mm depending on film type