NOWOFOL Films for the packaging industry

MOPP Films for special solutions in modern packaging applications

Automotive and Aeronautic Industry

Release, Bonding, Laminating, Labeling

NOWOFOL Films for Industrial Application

Films for demanding technical industries: Withstands extreme stress!

Sustainable Films from NOWOFOL

Films from renewable raw materials for sustainable solutions.

MOPP and ETFE: Perfect choice for the Electrical Industry, Solar & Photovoltaic

Insulation, Separation, protecting and bonding

ETFE Films for Architecture

ETFE architectural films have been an integral part of innovative building materials for facades and roofs


The best film solution for your application

NOWOFOL's MOPP, MDO, HDPE and fluoropolymer films are the strong material for partners in various industries. The right film solution can be found at NOWOFOL for almost every task in production and packaging processes.

Individual solutions from NOWOFOL
Individual solutions from NOWOFOL

Innovativ, creativ, efficient

Polyproyplene Films, Fluoropolymer Films and technical Cast Films

Since 1971, NOWOFOL stands for customized film solutions made of MDO and HDPE, as well as fluoropolymer films for demanding customers from various industries. The focus of our work has always been the development of individual film solutions that optimally cover the tasks of our customers.
The core competence of NOWOFOL is the production of monoaxially stretched films for packaging, marking, as well as for special process tasks. Fluoropolymer films (e.g., ETFE and PFA) are also part of our product range. With our special films and thermoplastic raw materials, such as PS, COC and PLA, we implement further customer-specific film solutions.

MDO Films from NOWOFOL make the difference

At our three production sites in Germany we produce highly specific MDO films according to individual customer requirements and project requirements. NOWOFOL's monoaxially stretched PP films are used in the production of strong packaging and as a base material for adhesive tapes. The specific properties of our MDO films are also in demand in the cable and electrical industry. With our highly specialized equipment and the expertise of around 50 years in the production of film solutions, NOWOFOL can supply MDO films of consistently consistent, certified quality.

Global polypropylene films use will continue to rise

Many NOWOFOL products are made of PP, because polypropylene film (PP film) enables light, efficient solutions. At NOWOFOL we are permanently concerned with refining these positive product features through ingenuity with further advantageous film properties. The early recognition of trends and innovation potential has made us the world market leader in our industry. Our driving force is the development of highly specific films that help our customers to secure and expand their market position. Our team is looking forward to developing an optimal film solution for your project requirements!

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