Compostable PLA film for packaging


With its new product NOWOGREENNOWOFOL® is able to offer mono-oriented films made from renewable and biodegradable raw materials.

The raw materials used meet the strict composting criteria specified by the European standard EN 13432, as well as the American standard ASTM 6400. CO2, water, energy and biomass are produced during decomposition.

Exceptional strength, low expansion or targeted shrinkage are exactly the right types of product features for your packaging application, from packaging adhesive tapes through to tear tapes and carry handles.

The exceptional level of transparency is an important improvement, which helps such things as promotional literature to really stand out.

NOWOGREEN films are customised according to your requirements with regard to flexibility, rigidity and film shrinkage.



Self-adhesive films for packaging, tear tapes, carry handles, laminating films in combination with other materials used for banding systems or as labels for compostable containers including RoSo applications.

Thickness range:
40 - 100 µm, special level of thickness is available upon request

Natural, special colours available upon request

10 - 450 mm