Low Density MDO Film


Our NOWOPAQUE film-quality product is a low-density, monoaxially-based polypropylene film.

Due to its velvety appearance, printed images not only have a superior appearance. The printability itself has been significantly improved by the characteristics of the surface.

In packaging applications the ‘dry hold’ with its extra special surface really stands out.

Another outstanding feature of the film is the linear and parallel tearing.

NOWOPAQUE’s cutting characteristics are also highly impressive, i.e. in comparison with pigmented films it has higher slitting speeds, a longer blade service life, and lower levels of abrasion (dust).

Its naturally opaque coloured versions are predominantly available in pastel-coloured shades only.

NOWOPAQUE films are suitable for direct contact with food products.




Labels, laminating films in combination with other materials, self-adhesive films in packaging (tear strips) or technical applications (adhesive tapes), as well as in banding systems.

Thickness range:
50 – 110 μm

Naturally white

For jumbo rolls - approx. 1,000 mm up to 1,500 mm or slit

Special solutions are available upon request.