MDO Films for Tear Tapes

MOPP Films for Tear Tapes


Excellent tensile features and maximum tear properties help to make monoaxially-oriented polypropylene film (MOPP) the most successful base material for tear strips.

The tear strip can be used as an opening aid and is becoming even more popular as goods are becoming packaged even more tightly, and the risk of damaging the packed goods when opening with knives and scissors remains very high. This level of reassurance for the customer results in a winning product image.

For the tear strips for overwrapping films, we offer a thickness range of 26 - 40 μm. For cardboard tear strips, the film thickness is within the range of 60 - 125 μm, depending upon the amount of load.

The advantage over BOPP films is the fact that MOPP has a significantly lower elongation. This allows application machines to run at a considerably higher speed. As higher the tensile strength as smaller and thinner the tear tape can be.

More length can be wounded on the spool and the result is more efficiency in production and a faster machine set-up.

For envelopes made from cardboard and for small parcels the function of the release liner for the self-adhesive seal and the tear strip can be combined in a single adhesive tape made from MOPP film.

For re-assessing packaging, or for advertising purposes, the tear strips are now available in improved print quality.




Tear tapes for wrapping film and cartons

Thickness range:
26 - 125 μm

Natural, white, red

For jumbo rolls from app. 1,000 mm up to 1,270 mm