MDO Films for Adhesive Tapes

Tensilized Polypropylene film for Adhesive Tapes


High-strength tapes are a typical feature of monoaxially-oriented (tensilised) polypropylene films (MOPP). The high levels of power absorption and high elastic modulus under simultaneously low elongation help to provide particularly favourable characteristics with regard to the following applications:

Securing pallets, strapping pallets with mixed or collected loads, bundling profiles and pipes, additional reinforcements for cardboard boxes, closing heavy packaging, securing heavy and the heaviest packaged goods including coils, securing electrical components for transportation, as well as with lacquered and coated surfaces, e.g. for household appliances (white goods) and items of furniture.

MOPP strapping tapes maintain their efficiency over a wide range of temperatures. They are resistant to abrasion, and are damp proof and tear proof.

Furthermore, the MOPP strapping tape provides an ideal advertising medium, when printed with a logo or advertising slogan.




High strength self-adhesive tapes

Thickness range:
45 – 125 μm

Natural, white, ivory, yellow, orange, blue, black, customisation available

For jumbo rolls - approx. 1,000 mm up to 1,680 mm or slit.