MDO Films with ultra high strength

Polypropylene film with ultra high strength


With our new ultra strong polypropylene film, we are now able to offer strong characteristics similar to those of metallic properties. However, the low density of PP is maintained to provide an unbeatable combination!

Imagine you need to move a container which weighs as much as an elephant (approx. 3.5 tons). Instead of using strong cable connections, a 53-centimeter-wide film should prove sufficient. When packing steel cables, this film can be used to cover the products without any need for significant expansion.

Extreme strength combined with low expansion are exactly the right types of product features demanded by the strictest requirements for packaging and transport applications.

We would be only too pleased to satisfy your demands, whether for naturally translucent or for colored products. Of course, this polypropylene film is also suitable for printing, coating, lining etc.




Self-adhesive films for packaging, laminating films used in conjunction with other materials for banding systems.

Thickness range:
approx. 180 μm

Naturally, coloured upon request

For jumbo rolls - max. 1,000 mm or slit