MDO Film with linear tear properties

Polypropylene film for pouches and easyopening solutions


Our range of customer-focused specialty films is perfectly complemented by NOWOSTRAIGHT, an uniaxial stretched flat film. This film has been designed in accordance with the requirements of films used in flexible packaging such as stand-up pouches for food & non-food related packaging.

In laminates the particular straight-line tearing behaviour of the film is transferred to the entire composite laminate. A weakening of the barrier properties, as it occurs by the application of laser perforation or laser scribing, is avoided.

There are also other potential applications, and a variety of films tailored for the needs of your application is possible following consultation. Please contact us for further information.

Outstanding properties of the film include

  • linear and parallel tearing
  • balanced sealability features
  • high resistance to temperature (important for sterilisation)
  • low levels of water vapour permeability




Packaging, Pouches, Stand-up pouches, Technical Films

Thickness range:
50 – 100 μm,

Special level of thickness is available upon request

Natural, other colours are available upon request

Jumbo roll up to 1,050 mm

Special widths are available upon request.