MDO Shrink Film


Modern-day product designers love to use their imagination. They produce highly unusual designs for consumer goods. Round, oval and bulb shaped cans, jars which taper towards the top edge, bottles with stoppers and protrusions, along with convex or concave containers are just some of the ranges of packaging recently created.

It goes without saying that these artistic containers must be decorated with brand names, images and descriptions before they can be used.

Under these circumstances, films are often printed and placed over the containers – a relatively inexpensive method which not only embellishes the product, but which also provides the container with a certain stability.

With shrinkage values in excess of 40 % in the machine direction, the shrinkage properties of our NOWOSHRINK films significantly exceed those of standard types of BOPP film.

Although similar shrinkage properties for shrinkage films can be achieved using polystyrene, our NOWOSHRINK films provide the opportunity for both, with labels and containers produced from the same polymer. It is a solution which allows the most effective type of recycling potential.



Roll-on-Shrink-on Labels, MD-Sleeves

Thickness range:
25 - 70 µm, special level of thickness is available upon request

Natural, white, other colours available upon request

For jumbo rolls - approx. 1,000 mm up to 1,200 mm or slit