MDO Films for Release Liners


Joining mechanisms for industrial or private applications are made better by adopting this adhesion technique. Highly efficient bonding can be achieved by using double sided adhesive tapes.

Our film-quality NOWOLINER for release liners provides the right type of double-sided adhesive tape covering after they have been silicone coated on both sides. The most frequent non-solvent or solvent-based platinum curing silicone systems and the simple processing of UV curing silicone systems are founded on radical or cationic polymerisation.

Due to the high levels of stiffness and mechanical strength, these monoaxially-oriented films can be applied without any issues during both manual and mechanical operations. The release liners are used as film strips or as die cuts.

For example, NOWOLINER can be used as liners for self-adhesive envelopes, bags and cartons. Envelopes and small cardboard parcels use the release tape for the self-adhesive seal and because of the MOPP properties, the packages are easy to open. They can also be used in the assembly process for mobile phones and automobiles.




Release liner for covering double-sided adhesive tapes

Thickness range:
45 – 180 μm

Natural, white, blue, red,

As jumbo rolls from approx.1,000 mm up to 1,680 mm

Special solutions are available upon request.