Foamed MDO Film for Labels


Foamed monoaxially-oriented polypropylene films (MOPP) are quite versatile and can be applied in label production.

Either as a carrying handle for fruit and vegetables or other consumer goods, as well as for lamination with craft- or thermal paper for wine glass labels and labelling banners, our quality film NOWOLABEL is most suited for promoting relevant product and manufacturer details.

Accurate print images can be achieved with a surface, founded on a closed cell structure.

A high yield can be obtained with high foaming ratios. Despite its low density, the film has a high level of tear resistance due to its monoaxial orientation.

For steadily increasing requests concerning print quality (higher contrast, clearer print image) we can offer our single-sided coextruded version (foamed/compact) NOWOLABEL C with an even smoother print surface.



Labels and carry handles for the food industry and other consumer goods

Thickness range:
100 – 170 μm

Natural, white

As jumbo roll from approx. 1,000 mm up to 1,530 mm or slit

Special solutions are available upon request.