NOWOBAND - MDO Films for Banding Systems

MOPP Films for Banding Application


Monoaxial-oriented film is made from PP (compacted or foamed) for fastening various items and information in relation to advertising.

A variety of surface structures (smooth, foamed, silk effect) and film properties (stiff, standard, soft) are combined alongside an extraordinary high tensile strength which helps to provide secure and highly attractive banded packaging for a variety of different products.

The excellent print qualities, optical design possibilities ranging from opaque to highly transparent, along with a wide range of colour, provide maximum variety for tailor made customer applications.





Banding film for banding systems

Thickness range:
80 – 210 μm, depending on the type of film

Wide range of colours

Please contact ATS-Tanner directly should you require any further information and for any questions in relation to banding tapes.