NOWOFLON ET - Solar Energy
ETFE-Films for PV- and solar applications

ETFE film for Solar and Photovoltaic modules

Solar Engery

NOWOFLON ET is a fluoropolymer film out of the resin ETFE, which provides outstanding properties for solar energy applications.

For photovoltaic modules this high transparent film is recommended as surface protection for front- and backsheet as well. NOWOFLON ET film features to the outside as excellent dirt repellent and to the inside with extreme bonding strength to the encapsulating film.

For solar collectors NOWOFLON ET film causes a significant increase of solar heat energy output, if it is embedded as convection barrier film, due to its extraordinary high thermo resistance.

Film Properties:

  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Excellent weatherability
  • High transparency also of UV light
  • Self-cleaning effect due to low surface tension
  • Excellent adhesion properties to EVA-encapsulation film due to special primer Treatment
  • Particularly suitable for flexible applications



Film as surface protection for front- and backsheet

Thickness range:
25 - 150 μm

Standard width:
1,550 mm

transparent clear

Thermal resistance:
150 °C long term – 230 °C short term

Flame resistance:
• DIN 4102 B1
• Classification by DIN EN 13501-1: B-s1, d0

175 g/m² at 100 μm film