The recent modernisation of Salzburg railway station in Austria has led to the creation of a plastic roof. The modernisation called for a roof extension. Architect Kada Wittfeld’s design complemented the three existing steel roofs with two 300 m-long roof constructions made from pneumatically supported film cushions. The cushions were made by Ceno Membrane Technology, using NOWOFLON ET 6235Z films from  NOWOFOL. The films themselves are made from 3M Dyneon’s ETFE polymer. The two membrane roofs span an area covering around 6,000 sqm and comprise 161 triple-layered, compressed air-supported film  cushion elements. Assembled across the platforms, the domed cushions span widths of up to 4.5 m and lengths of up to 24 m. NOWOFLON ET 6235Z films, NOWOFOLKunststoffprodukte, are 250-300 microns thick and highly transparent. The area weight is around just 5 % that of glass. This allows for extremely filigree constructions, opening up new degrees of freedom in architectural form. Ceno Membrane  Technology used continuous heat pulse welding methods to process the films and insert them into individually constructed aluminium frames. Films extruded from Dyneon ETFE have a low energy surface,  meaning that a normal rain shower is enough to wash off any dirt. This reduces maintenance costs. The material shows virtually universal chemical resistance and meets the B1  fire class criteria (according to DIN 4102).

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