Narrow specialization can turn out both as a shortcoming and a competitive advantage. The German company NOWOFOL Kunststoffprodukte GmbH was founded in 1971 and became a pioneer in production of oriented films. Today it is a world leading manufacturer of the monoaxially oriented polyolefin films, releasing about 15 thousand tons annually. The company’s development and the novelties, exhibited at K-2013 – were the subject of an interview given to the Plastics magazine by Wolfgang Rasp, General Manager of NOWOFOL


- Has your company participated already in the “K” fair or is a novice?

- Since the time NOWOFOL has started the production of fluoropolymer ETFE films in 1984 we are the regular participants of the “K” trade fair in Duesseldorf. Throughout all these years we use this exhibition site to keep in contact with our regular customers, as well as to get in contact with potentially new ones. So far as we produce only tailored films, such fairs are of great importance for us – we get a good chance to discuss projects with the new customers to design the proper film product for them. Our aim is to develop a unique film for a unique application to create a high value in converting chain and for the end customers. Here the K fair is an excellent stimulus.


- Polymer films are still the main products of your company?

- We were the first in manufacturing oriented films. Since the early 80s the company has private ownership, and the owners completely support the company’s long-term and sustainable business goals.


We have two production sites in Siegsdorf, Upper Bavaria. Nowadays one of them is being expanded.


- What products do you offer your customers and partners?

- NOWOFOL specializes in development and production of oriented films of thermoplastics. Film thickness is varied from 25 to 180 microns. Film width ranges from 1 to 2 m for mill rolls and from 10 mm onwards for slit rolls. The output is used in packaging, automotive, medical, electrical industries and other industrial applications. We also produce cast films with a thickness of 100 to 800 microns.


Our second most important part of activities is the production of non-oriented cast films of various fluoropolymers. Here the main applications are the membranes for architecture. Chemical industry also requests special fluoropolymer films due to their thermal and chemical resistance.


- In which application areas the novelties of your company can be applied?

- The latest products of our oriented polyolefin films are presented by NOWOPAQUE and NOWOSTRAIGHT grades. Both films have excellent linear tear characteristics which can be used to provide easy opening for packages and pouches of premium class. NOWOPAQUE in addition provides a high and matte opacity thus excluding the necessity in white pigments’ additives, whereas NOWOSTRAIGHT provides sealability and sterilisability.


For production of architectural membranes we can now offer the EFTE films of the NOWOFLON ET Colorshade series, i.e. in a wide variety of colour shades.


- Was there anything – apart from products - that attracted the visitors of your booth?

- To demonstrate the easy tear and sealability of our NOWOSTRAIGHT film grade we’ve produced plenty of small stand-up-pouches and handed them over all comers. As a special attraction we included a lucky draw with iPad for the winner.


To promote label applications and get a feedback from potential customers we’ve installed at our booth the reels of NOWOPAQUE and NOWOSILK films with an attractive surface printing. All visitors passing by we encouraged to cut off as may film sheets as they did like. By the way, we invite all those seriously interested in our products to visit us at our premises at any time to get an on-site impression of our capabilities.


- How is the company represented today in Russia and CIS, and how promising do you consider these markets?

- For already many years we have been implementing the joint projects with the companies from Russia and CIS, which are engaged in the cable industry. We mainly supply our film grade NOWOCABLE in a foamed and compact versions. Since recently we also deliver our film grades NOWOCARRY and NOWOLABEL for manufacturing carry handles and flower wrapping.


Interviewed by Alexey Djakov


The interview was published in the Russian Magazine Plastics 11/2013.

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