Groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of production premises


After a lead time of over a year, the ground-breaking ceremony for the expansion of the NOWOFOL production premises on Breslauer Straße has taken place this week. The company is a leader in the Polypropylene and Fluoropolymer film industry and has been based in Siegsdorf for over 40 years. Construction will be carried out by companies from Siegsdorf or from the surrounding area. Strengthening the community and region around Siegsdorf has always been the policy of the NOWOFOL board of directors and shareholders. The approved production plant and office facilities will be finished at the end of December this year. An additional commercial plot of land measuring 20,000 m2 was purchased in the immediate vicinity in 2008 to allow for further expansion in the Siegsdorf area.


The last 5 years have witnessed a steady growth in core areas of the business, implementation and certification of the quality management system in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 standards, and the energy management system in accordance with DIN ISO 50001 standards, as well as numerous new developments in the fields of monoaxially stretched flat film made from Polypropylene and other types of Polyolefin.


A film was developed with NOWOPAQUE for food packaging and other applications and markets, and is characterised both by its pleasant feel and its linear tear properties. The silky film surface also ensures excellent levels of printability without compromising on real strength and the good shrinkage properties of monoxially stretched film.


Moreover, a further MOPP film was developed with NOWOSTRAIGHT, which in addition to having incredible linear tear properties, can be sealed and sterilized. It also provides an ideal use for composite films such as those used with stand-up pouches.


Eco, organic and sustainable applications are still being developed with a degradable NOWOGREEN film quality.


NOWOFOL® specialises in the development of customised types of film, which are tailored to the demands and technical requirements of our clients and prospective buyers. It is for this reason that client product concepts often form the key to new solutions. A team comprised of several film specialists works closely alongside clients and new prospects, while making every effort to develop the perfect film for a new or improved type of application - because innovative products demand a creative working relationship.

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